Fast Track Astrologer

Fast Track Astrologer: The Book I Wish I Had When I Became an Astrologer is now available at Shortly it will be available in local bookstores, as a Kindle book and at Apple iTunes for the iPad.

Authors Note:

Being an astrologer has been a personally rewarding career. My internal “batteries” get recharged when I help people explore their unique potential in practical ways. While astrology is a complex discipline that takes a long time to fully learn and appreciate, it is well worth the effort.

This book is for people at all levels in their knowledge of Western astrology who want to fast track their learning and use it like the professionals. It is relatively short and yet provides everything you need. I have no doubt that even professional astrologers will garner many insights from this book.

Step by step, we go through the myriad of components in astrology and learn to delineate birth charts. We will explore the birth chart as a person’s evolution in growth and maturity. Additionally, we will cover everything you need to know to forecast the upcoming year using transits, explore the implications of moving to new areas, and have introspective conversations with couples. We will even explore worldwide (Mundane) astrology and apply it to the interesting times we are in.

This book provides a much-needed investigation of the various House systems and their relationship to the three-dimensional cosmos. Included is the Krusinski House system, which astrologers are rapidly adopting because of its accuracy and geometric simplicity.

I believe this is one of those rare books that not only will accelerate your learning of astrology regardless of what level you are at, but also will serve as a useful reference for many years.

Here is what people are saying about Fast Track Astrologer

“Mike Grabarek set out to write a first class astrological primer, and that’s exactly what he’s done. I only wish that I’d had a book like this available to me forty-four years ago when I was beginning my astrological studies.”
Tom Brady, astrologer
, Santa Fe, NM

“Fast Track Astrologer is a well-written and excellent introduction to astrology. Its clear language makes it read like a good novel.”
Bogdan Krusinski, astrologer and engineer, Warszawa, Poland

“Fast Track Astrologer is a wonderful book for astrologers, from beginners to seasoned experts. I found Mike’s explanations to be clear, concise, and easy to grasp. His enthusiasm for the subject is contagious as he takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery covering every aspect of the discipline. Mike’s voice is engaging, often humorous, and enthusiastic. His obvious passion for astrology shines through in every sentence. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in this ancient discipline.”
Lynn Cline, astrology aficionado,
 Santa Fe, NM

“This user-friendly book provides a much-needed, refreshingly simple introduction to the basics of chart reading and astrology for the layperson and serious student. I have found it more helpful than any other astrology book for laying the foundations of knowledge needed for more serious inquiry and practice.”
Jennifer Ferraro, author & student of astrology
, Santa Fe, NM

“I love your book! For me, it is a real chance to start to learn about astrology. When I looked at other astrology books in the past, I always felt intimidated by the inaccessible knowledge they carry. Your book feels easily accessible to a novice. It is also well-structured and cross-referenced. What I love the most is the idea that everyone’s astrology is just their potential, and it is up to the person’s free will to make full use of their unique gifts.”
Irina Osechinskaya
, San Clemente, CA

“Mike Grabarek has presented a view of astrology that serves the beginner as well as those who are more advanced. His presentation of the facets of astrology come together in a way that invites all of us to enjoy it at a deeper level. I found his book hard to put down. It contains a blend of his precise engineering background and his ability to write in a heartfelt manner.”
Jimmy Davis, writer,
 Santa Fe, NM

“Mike Grabarek is a magical person, although he is not a magician in any way. He as a scientist and an engineer who has applied his talent and analytic skills to counsel and help others intelligently understand and track the natural forces that shape and direct their lives. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I wholeheartedly recommend Fast Track Astrologer for both the novice and more experienced astrological traveler.”
Bruce Hutchison. Ph.D.
, Santa Fe, NM

“This book is one of a kind. Although this is a common saying, it definitely applies to this new astrological guide. Mike Grabarek truly accomplishes what he set out to do, provide a single source that gives you all the necessary tools for getting acquainted in delineating a chart. You’ll love studying this fast track to astrology, which is short and concise with a fresh and to-the-point writing style. He does not hide the fact that astrology is complex and he wants you to be a committed and curious student. Study this book if you really want to get into astrology, and you will be greatly rewarded.”
Joy Hansen, astrologer
, Fort Collins, CO

“Mike Grabarek’s book Fast Track Astrologer is appropriately named. This book puts you on the fast track to learn how to use astrology in a practical way. The information is direct, concise, clear, and keeps your attention by providing a constant stream of practical and useful information and stunning graphics. The book presents actual chart wheels to illustrate ideas, and clear instructions on how to interpret them. I also like the section on technical details at the end of the book. By avoiding discussions of the history of astrology and alternative astrological systems, this book excels as a a practical manual and guide.”
David Cochrane, astrologer and computer programmer
, Gainesville, FL

“I really enjoyed going through Fast Track Astrologer and found its methodical approach very useful. It showed me that I knew more than I thought and added some sense of organization to that knowledge. It offers a clear and concise description of a sometimes difficult, albeit fascinating, subject. Mike’s objective to bring forth a book that was missing among the thousands of works available will undoubtedly delight astrologers at all levels.”
Dominique Chevaucher,
 Santa Fe, NM

“Absolutely amazing! All these years of being curious about the whole astrology subject, but never actually having the time, or a guide, to fathom all the mind-numbing charts. This book not only put the whole subject into an easy to understand, step-by-step guide on how to read and decipher your natal chart, but it made the charts seem accessible. Mike did such a great job of taking each part of the chart and explaining it in a clear and concise method, that it’s a great read. What I really appreciated was that he made numerous references to material covered in previous chapters, so you don’t find yourself having to go back and search. If you’ve ever harbored a curiosity about astrology, but found it too overwhelming, then this is your book. It’s the essential guide to learning this fascinating field.”
Lisa Bougoulas,
 Sudbury, MA

“Mike Grabarek has indeed written an astrology book that is both user-friendly and accessible. With a hint of humor, clear and abundant examples, and impeccable logic, he takes a good deal of the struggle out of understanding how to read or interpret a chart, especially for a totally inexperienced student of astrology like me.”
Jose Luis Stevens Ph.D.,
 Santa Fe, NM

“Finally!  A book to understand and use astrology in a clear, concise and useful way! I’ve already incorporated astrology into my life and I’m seeing changes. This book is a MUST HAVE for those wishing to understand, incorporate and harness the power of the universe into their lives, NOW.”
Nancy Hutchison, retired CFO,
 Santa Fe, NM


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