Mike Grabarek

Note: I am no longer providing astrology consultations.

Mike Grabarek is an astrologer and author in Killingworth, CT. He provides astrology consultations for clients throughout North America and Europe, mostly through Skype. Mike is the author of the new book, Fast Track Astrologer, a self contained book for people at all levels of astrology to fast track their learning.

“I use astrology as a tool for having targeted and meaningful coaching sessions with people. My conversations help people better understanding their unique potential, help them explore ways to direct their unique energy, and garner insights on the upcoming year.”

Earlier in his career, Mike was an aerospace engineer as well as a leadership and organizational development expert. “As an engineer, I was involved with the stars in a different way relative to astrology. I analyzed guidance systems for ballistic missiles. As a leadership development director, I coached leaders in large organizations to realize company-wide change efforts and develop their future leaders.”

Mike Grabarek received a B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is also a management consultant, a private pilot with an instrument rating, a certified BodyTalk practitioner, and a stained and fused glass artist.

Here is what clients are saying about Mike:

“Mike Grabarek has the knack for taking a complex subject like astrology and making it understandable and actionable. He brings a terrific set of coaching skills and a deep understanding of human behavior to his exceptional experience as a change agent. I always benefit from our discussions and endorse him as a powerful and positive influence for those seeking insight and coaching.” – Mike McNamara, McNamara Business Consulting

“The sessions I did with Mike gave me clarity into the direction I want to go in a number of areas of my life, especially with my business and my relationship. Mike has a great combination of real-world business skills and a deep knowledge of astrology that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” – Paul Zelizer, Author Success for Spiritual People

“I have had numerous astrological readings, but this one was uniquely instructive. Mike has a wonderful way of demystifying astrology and helping one to understand it on a very practical, yet insightful level. I was fascinated to discover that the successes I have achieved both professionally and personally and the work I am most attracted to align perfectly with Mike’s astrological perspective regarding my innate talents and skills, as well as key areas I have chosen for growth in this lifetime. Mike’s analysis was both objective and supportive. It left me feeling very positive about not only those aspects of my personality that are generally strengths in my life, but also looking forward to new opportunities where I can continue to challenge myself to grow mentally and spiritually. I will certainly recommend Mike to my family, friends and colleagues.” – Theresa Matthews, Principal – Matthews Strategic Insights


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