Astrological Battle of the Titans – Our Monetary System

A couple of years ago (September 2009) I wrote a blog titled “Battle of the Titans” about a very powerful planetary configuration consisting of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. Pieces of this configuration continue to be with us through 2015. This blog is an update on this configuration as well as a scenario analysis on how it could potentially play out with our global monetary system.

 Astrological Configuration

Astrologically, we are in the midst of a major planetary configuration which will be substantially in effect from 2008 to 2015. The energies of this configuration will be ebbing and peaking several times during this period. Specifically, the configuration continuing through 2015 consists of the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto with Neptune, Mars and Jupiter popping into the picture periodically. The last three times we had similar configurations were during the periods of 1929 – 1934 (Great Depression), 1940-1944 (World War II) and from 1964-1967 (civil rights and liberation movement). Even earlier in history this configuration lined up with significant periods such as the American Revolutionary war.

Let’s get a bit more specific and see what these planetary energies are and how they can manifest from the perspective of our monetary system.

There are three major actors in this world-wide planetary configuration whose energies interact strongly with each other. Let’s first look at the individual planetary energies.

  • Uranus uranus transitioned from Pisces pisces into Aries aries in 2010 and is an energy that wants to take the shackles off and break free in a way that advances the world’s sense of compassion, spiritual growth, support of community, fairness, and consciousness of our planet. This energy can be very abrupt and sudden, and will become much stronger starting in the spring of 2010 as it enters Aries aries and becomes much more ardent. From a monetary perspective, this energy represents the people and wants us to break free from the stranglehold of debt.
  • Saturn saturn transitioned from Virgo virgo into Libra libra in 2010 and is an energy that wants to hold together our major global structures such as our business and banking institutions as well as our governmental structures. Because Saturn is in Libra, one may be tempted to think that this should be all about harmony and balance. Experienced astrologers know much better. Yes, Libra is about harmony and balance – and the path that Libra energy typically flows is to find the balance point by first experiencing the bleeding edges. From the perspective of our monetary system, Saturn would represent our banking and financial institutions.
  • Pluto pluto (sometimes also represented as ) transitioned from Sagittarius sagittarius into Capricorn capricorn in 2008 and is an energy that wants to use power to transform – to purge that which isn’t working to make room for new growth and direction. While Pluto had been in Sagittarius for the past decade, the transformational Pluto energy would naturally be directed toward expansion outside the normal boundaries, and when overdone, leading to excesses which are unsustainable. When Pluto entered Capricorn early in 2008, the transformational Pluto energy shifted toward  a sanity check on power, structures and institutions in order to transform and eliminate those that no longer work or are unsustainable. Pluto will remain in Capricorn for about 15 years. From the perspective of our monetary system, Pluto would represent the “shaking up” of those aspects of our monetary system that are no longer serving us.

I also mentioned that Jupiter , Neptune and Mars  come in and out of the picture. When Jupiter periodically comes into play by touching another planet, extra desire for growth and expansion shines onto the affected planet. When Neptune touches another planet, an expanded desire to change the game from confrontation and aggression to heart based approaches shines on the affected planet. When Mars  occasionally comes into the picture, it has the effect of putting the planet it touches on steroids. While Mars has a temporary effect on other planets it touches because it is relatively fast moving, it can at times serve as the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Now let’s put these planetary energies together to see the possibilities. Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are configured in what is known as a T-Square. In this case,  Saturn saturn is opposing (opposition) Uranus uranus (i.e. they are opposite each other)  and both of these planets are square square to Pluto pluto (i.e. Pluto is 90 degrees from both Saturn and Uranus). Because these planets are at either oppositions or squares with each other, their energies will play out in an environment of tensions, problems and obstacles. Saturn, the fastest moving of these three planets has had its strongest interaction with Uranus and Pluto from 2008 until recently. This is gradually shifting the focus on the Pluto Uranus interaction.

Putting the three major planets together from a monetary perspective, we have Uranus (desire for people to take the shackles of debt off themselves and be liberated) facing off with Saturn (entrenched banking institutions) and both of these energies being squared off with Pluto (an energy that wants to purge that which is no longer working).

Let’s now take a look at our current monetary system.

World Monetary System

To put things into perspective, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the World is now about $63 trillion. The total USA GDP is about $15 trillion. If we were to add up all the debt owed in the USA by governments, businesses and individuals, it would be around $50 trillion – or more than three times the USA GDP. This is not a very good place to be in.

Where did this $50 trillion come from which was loaned out to the USA at interest? While this happens through a complicated process (i.e. smoke screen), essentially most of the money which is lent to our governments, businesses, and individuals is (1) created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve (private institution) and given to the Federal Reserve banks essentially for free to lend out at interest – and (2) as bank leveraging practices (creating $10 out of nothing for every $1 deposited by savers) which is then lent with interest.

Take for example our total USA federal government debt of approximately $13 trillion. This money was created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve, given to banks (translation: adding $13 trillion to their ledgers by a few keystrokes of a computer) who then lent this money to the USA government at interest. Currently, banking institutions collect approximately $400 billion each year from taxpayers to service the federal government interest payments to the banking institutions (who created the money out of nothing through the Federal Reserve).

I know this sounds bizarre. While I have simplified the very complicated process of money-making out of nothing, this is essentially how it works. So, do you as taxpayers feel like you are getting a good deal?

This is not the way it was always done. When this country was founded and for about 100 years, money was still created out of nothing, but with a very important difference. It was the USA Treasury who created the money out of nothing and lent it directly to fund government debt and provide direct loans to USA businesses and individuals at interest. This is a huge difference because the interest payments went back to the USA Treasury and was used to support government expenditures.

If we were still having the practice today of the USA Treasury loaning the debt money to USA governments, businesses and individuals – and returning the interest to the USA treasury, the interest payments received by the Treasury (i.e. taxpayers money) would be enough to support virtually all of our government expenditures. In other words, there would be no need for an income tax.

Lest you think I’m totally off the wall, there are well respected economists who have crunched the numbers and they support what I am saying. One of my favorite books on this subject is Web of Debt by Ellen Hodgson Brown.

What Will the Outcome Be?

Astrologically, we are living in a several year period from 2008 – 2015 with one energy that wants to take the shackles of debt off to create liberation from oppressive debt (Uranus). At the same time there is another energy which wants the global banking institutions to solidify their power and keep the status quo (Saturn). Finally there is another energy which wants to purge and let go of power/influence which no longer serves in order to create room for new growth (Pluto).

From an astrological perspective, I can not predict the outcome. Astrology provides a sense of the energies in play and does not indicate how they will be directed – and subsequently play out. It could turn out that a major earthquake causes the $1.1 thousand trillion ($1.1 quadrillion) outstanding in derivatives to completely collapse the entire world monetary system – in which case there is a chance we become enlightened and have the Treasury of governments go back to taking full ownership of money creation and lending which will surely take the debt shackles off the people of the world. It could also turn out that our elected leaders become enlightened and work together for a long term solution. Then again, perhaps the entrenched banking and financial institutions cling onto power until this cycle passes. We will find out.

I’d like to end this blog by sharing the time periods over the next 4 years when the energy for transformation is the strongest. During all these dates, we have the very powerful Uranus (liberation) squaring Pluto (transformation).

  • End of Dec, 2011: A dose of higher consciousness shining its light on monetary institutions (Neptune trine Saturn; Jupiter opposing Saturn)
  • End of June, 2012: Expansiveness of higher consciousness (Neptune square Jupiter)
  • Middle of Sept, 2012: Expansiveness of higher consciousness (Neptune trine Saturn)
  • Beginning of Oct, 2012: Hidden secrets of institutions revealed (Saturn enters Scorpio)
  • End of Nov, 2012: “straw that breaks camel’s back” (Sun trine Uranus; Mars conjunct Pluto)
  • End of May, 2013: Expansiveness of higher consciousness (Neptune trine Saturn)
  • End of July, 2013: Expansiveness of higher consciousness with increased energy focused on institutions (Neptune trine Jupiter; Mars trine Saturn)
  • Beginning of Nov, 2013: Transformational energy on steroids (Mars trine Pluto)
  • End of April, 2014: Transformational energy on quadruple steroids (Jupiter square Mars square Pluto square Uranus)
  • Middle of March, 2015: Transformational energy on quintuple steroids (Jupiter trine Uranus which is conjunct Mars and square Pluto plus Nepture trine Mars)

It will be interesting to see all this energy unfold – hopefully to make this world a better place for all.

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