Initiating a New Project or Venture – Case Study

Initiating a new project or venture using astrology is a bit of detective work as well as trial and error. As an astrologer, I like to find the best of the situation knowing that there are always constraints to be navigated.

This blog takes you through an actual scenario so you can see one way in which the timing of projects/ventures can be accomplished. Before proceeding, I caution you that this gets a bit technical – in other words – it will make sense to an astrologer and may not make complete sense to the layman. With that in mind……

New Project Specifications

My client wants to launch a new series of exquisite ceramic tea cups for herĀ  business. She would like the venture to be expansive, yet practical in implementation. Furthermore, she would like the energy of creativity and spirituality in her designs. Finally she would like the venture to generate money and grow in sales globally. It is now July 26, 2011 at her location in Santa Fe, NM (MDT) and she would like to launch her venture within the next month.

Astrology Analysis

Let’s do the good news first. As it turns out, the sun is currently in Leo – and the sun rules Leo which is a strong placement in the chart of her venture launch. The sun has the potential to add an energy of creativity, individuality, and personality to her venture. Also, Jupiter (expansiveness, optimism) is in the sign of Taurus (practicality, money) during this time period. Furthermore during this time period, Uranus (sudden insights and breakthroughs) is in Aries (no time like the present). Finally, Saturn (structure, boundaries) is in Libra (harmony, balance, beauty).

The bad news is that Mercury is retrograde from August 2 (9:00 pm MDT) to the 26th of August. Initiating a venture while Mercury is retrograde is not a good idea as it brings an energy of having to re-correct, redo, re-direct and backtracking. So we want to stay away from those dates. That leaves us to explore the launch from today until August 2 which is seven days away. The other constraint is that it is better to initiate a venture or project when the moon is waxing (after the new moon and before the full moon). The moon is currently waning and will not start to wax until Sunday, July 30 at 12:40 pm MDT (new moon).

So now we are constrained to initiating the venture sometime between July 30 (after the new moon) and August 2 (before Mercury retrogrades). This situation is pretty typical in that we need to find the best solution within a handful of constraints.

One option is to launch the venture immediately after the new moon which symbolizes new beginnings. This would be a strong placement of the sun in Leo, but I’m not too keen on the placement of the moon in Leo which is weak. Another option in this short time period is to wait for the moon to work its way into Virgo at approximately the same degree as Leo which would put the sun semisextile (30 degrees – supportive energy) to the moon. The moon in Virgo will add a need for attention to detail as well as continual improvement (not to mention some humbleness) which will help balance the potentially strong ego of the sun in Leo. For that reason, I will opt for the Virgo placement which has the moon/sun semisextile. This is exact on July 1 at 6:12 pm MDT. Looking at the “birth” chart for this time/location, we have Capricorn at the ascendent. Given the nature of my clients business, she would prefer to show herself to the world (ascendent) with more of a Sagittarius energy (optimism, expansive, wide ranging) than a Capricorn energy (seriousness, boundary conscious). Since the ascendent changes sign every two hours, we can adjust the time backwards slightly to lock in a Sagittarius rising energy. I then fine-tuned the times to have Saturn at the mid-heaven which is a strong position as Saturn rules the 10th house (career, reputation).

This monkeying around gives a venture birth time of 5:08 pm MDT on August 1, 2011. Let’s see what the “birth” chart looks like (below). Note that clicking on the chart will open a pdf file of the venture birth chart.

Birth Chart for New Tea Cup Venture

Tea Cup Venture - Natal Chart


Comments on this Astrology Birth Chart

Here are a few comments on the potential positive energetic flow for the new tea cup venture:

  • Sun in Leo in 8th house – strong, creative transformational energy that runs deep
  • Moon in Virgo in 9th house – Need to continuously improve through expansion and manifested with optimism
  • Sun sextile Moon – Supportive energy between wants and needs for the venture.
  • Saturn at midheaven – Reputation for delivering results
  • Sagittarius ascendent – Perspective of the customers is that the business is expansive, wide-ranging, and optimistic
  • Capricorn at cusp of the 2nd house – Discipline for generating money
  • Jupiter in Taurus in 5th house – Creativity is expansive, yet practical and durable
  • Mars in Gemini in 7th house – Assertiveness in developing and maintaining relationships with a large number of customers.
  • Neptune and Uranus in 3rd house – Out of the box communication with a humanitarian flavor done in a way that has higher meaning.

All in all, this is potentially a very good birth date to launch the ceramic tea cup venture. The energetic combination is very supportive of success assuming the client directs these energies in useful and mature ways.

Of course, I can also awfulize and be very prescriptive on how the energy can flow in an immature form and cause havoc. I can also grouse about the very slow moving and long term configuration of Pluto squaring both Saturn and Uranus. That, in my opinion, is not helpful. Instead, focusing on the potential and having a positive “can-do” attitude will go a long way toward success. As Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once quoted: “All you need is ignorance and confidence – then success is assured.” I would also add that a synergistic start date is helpful.

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