Why are Astrologers on Full Alert in 2010 and Beyond?

Astrologers are on full alert this summer because of a unique combination of very powerful energies which will occur back to back.

More specifically, we have this summer the following configurations occurring:

June 26 – Moon in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Cancer (exact alignment being an eclipse) which is a strong pulling between the activities in the outer world with that of our instincts in our inner world.

July 24 and August 2 – Jupiter squaring Pluto which is a expansive and philosophical energy meeting power and the desire for transformation.

July 26 – Saturn opposing Uranus which is the same energy as that which occurred in the USA presidential elections of 2008 when Obama was elected. This is a tension between conventional structures and the desire to take the shackles off and create a space for more freedom and choice.

July 30 and 31 – Mars opposing Uranus and aligning with Saturn – this adds much more energy to the July 26 configuration just above – and is also a “greasing of the skids” for the configurations coming up in August.

August 3 – Mars opposing Jupiter and also Mars squaring Pluto – this is a turbocharged energy encouraging an expansive desire to transform through the use of power – and is a set up for the other configurations coming in August.

August 16 Jupiter opposing Saturn which is a tension between the desire to expand in a way that is opposed to conventional structures and practices – and is a set up for the next significant alignment coming on August 21.

August 21 – Saturn squaring Pluto – this is a very strong energy which pits the conventional structures of our society with the energy to dismantle those structures which are no longer serving us.

September 18 – Jupiter aligning with Uranus – this is the coup de gras which is an expansive energy for sudden surprise which allows a new path forward to occur. This configuration along with much of the above was in place at the beginning of the Renaissance period in the early 14th century.

Any one of these configurations by itself would probably not amount to much. However the combination of all of these energies can create a rhythmic energy which forms a standing wave. This kind of energy is very powerful. An example of the power of a standing wave is the famous collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge. This potential standing wave phenomena is what has the attention of astrologers.

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

– Mike

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