Battle of the Titans

Astrologically, we are in the midst of two significant planetary configurations which will be substantially in effect from 2008 to 2015 and peaking in the middle of 2010. One of these two configurations was similarly present during the great depression (1929 – 1934) and the revolutionary war (1774 – 1777). The other configuration was present at times of rebirth including the beginning of the Age of the Renaissance (late 15th and 16th centuries).

Each of these two configurations by itself has the potential to be very significant – and two of them together creates exciting possibilities. This article will focus on these energies from a business perspective.

Let’s get a bit more specific and see what these planetary energies are and how they can manifest in a general sense. Then I will discuss how businesses can flow with these energies to make the best of them.

First Configuration: Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto in Cardinal T-Square

There are three major actors in this world-wide planetary configuration whose energies interact strongly with each other. Let’s first look at the individual planetary energies and then consider the combination of their energies.

  • Uranus uranus transitioning from Pisces pisces into Aries aries is an energy that wants to take the shackles off and break free in a way that advances the world’s sense of compassion, spiritual growth, support of community, and consciousness of our planet. This energy can be very abrupt and sudden, and will become much stronger starting in the spring of 2010 as it enters Aries aries.
  • Saturn saturn transitioning from Virgo virgo into Libra libra is an energy that wants to do a sanity check on business and government structures. Having been in Virgo over the past couple of years, the focus has been on structural changes, controls and constrictions in the daily work habits of people – i.e. a significant change in the employment situation. As Saturn moves into Libra this fall, the shift will be on structural changes and control that puts things back in balance.
  • Pluto pluto (sometimes also represented as ) transition from Sagittarius sagittarius into Capricorn capricorn is an energy that wants to use power to transform. While Pluto had been in Sagittarius for the past decade, the transformational Pluto energy would naturally be directed toward expansion outside the normal boundaries, and when overdone, leading to excesses which are unsustainable. When Pluto entered Capricorn early in 2008, the transformational Pluto energy would naturally be directed toward doing a sanity check on structures and institutions, and transforming and eliminating those that no longer work or are unsustainable. Pluto will remain in Capricorn for about 15 years.

Now let’s put these three planetary energies together to see the possibilities. These three planets are configured in what is known as a T-Square. In this case,  Saturn saturn is opposing opposition Uranus uranus (i.e. they are opposite each other so that when one is at the eastern horizon, the other is at the western horizon) and both of these planets are square square to Pluto pluto (i.e. Pluto is at the noon position in the sky when Uranus is at the eastern horizon and Saturn is at the western horizon). Because these planets are at either oppositions or squares with each other, their energies will play out in an environment of tensions, problems and obstacles.

Considering the Saturn and Uranus combination with the planets opposing each other, we have a situation where Saturn energy is focused on fixing our institutions and organizations in a way that uses more control while Uranus wants to take the shackles off the institutions and organizations so that there is a liberating change. When Pluto enters the picture, its energy will purge and force transformation of those institutions and structures that no longer serve their purpose.

So, there is a very powerful energy playing out that wants to change, transform, purge, or significantly alter institutions and organizations that are no longer serving their purpose or are serving their purpose in a way that is too structured and stifling and not providing enough liberation and freedom.

The bottom line is that the powerful Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn combination can play out in two very different ways for organizations and institutions. If an organization or institution that has outlived its structure or needs to refocus its purpose tries to just batten down the hatches until the storm passes by, it will probably not survive. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those organizations which embrace these times and focus on liberating their organizations or institutions through novel changes and who redirect their purpose toward respecting people, the environment, and toward a higher purpose will more than likely look back on these times as the turning point and catalyst that allowed them to become successful.

Second Configuration: Uranus in Mutual Reception with Neptune and Jupiter

There are three major planet energies associated with this configuration with Uranus also being in the previous configuration. As with the previous configuration, let’s first look at these energies separately before putting them together.

  • Uranus uranus transitioning from Pisces pisces into Aries aries is an energy that wants to take the shackles off and break free in a way that advances the world’s sense of compassion, spiritual growth, support of community, and consciousness of our planet. This energy can be very abrupt and sudden, and will become much stronger starting in the spring of 2010 as it enters Aries aries.
  • Neptune neptune in Aquarius aquarius is an energy that wants to bring humanity to a higher level of spirituality and consciousness using new ideas, new technologies, and new approaches. This energy is generally not very tangible and concrete and instead is about ideas, visions, and aspirations.
  • Jupiter jupiter in Aquarius aquarius is an energy that is expansive, experimental, and optimistic with a focus on ethics and philosophies.

Let’s now put these energies into their configurations. First we have Uranus uranus in mutual reception to Jupiter jupiter and Neptune neptune. This means that Uranus uranus is in Pisces  pisces and Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter jupiter and Neptune neptune and at the same time, Jupiter and Neptune are in Aquarius aquariusI and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. When we have a mutual reception, the energies in these planets reinforce each other and are much more powerful. To top it all off, we are also going through a period which will last throughout 2009 of Jupiter conjunct conjunct with Neptune. Jupiter has the effect of expanding anything it touches, in this case both Neptune and Uranus.

How do all these energies come together? This configuration has an energy that wants to remove constraints and come up with novel ways to advance mankind in the areas of compassion, creativity, consciousness, and spirituality. In short, it is an energy to take another step toward enlightenment.

For businesses, this powerful energy can be used to focus attention on addressing the pressing needs of the world – solving problems that previously seemed unsolvable such as world peace, greater connectedness with each other, removal of oppressive structures, nurturing the environment, and global cooperation.

Putting Both Configurations Together

We are living in an amazing time astrologically. The energy is very powerful and focused on transforming structures, patterns, and mindsets in ways that open up the paths toward great strides in the evolution of mankind. If we channel these energies constructively, we have the opportunity to gracefully move toward a new modern renaissance. If we don’t, we will still get there but there will be tremendous disruptions, significant chaos, and much pain in the process. The best way forward is to honor these energies and have the courage to make the big changes toward a common improvement of mankind and our planet.

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