Fast Track Astrologer

I just published a new book.

Fast Track Astrologer: The Book I Wish I Had When I Became an Astrologer

It is available at and is available in local bookstores. I’m in the final stages for iPad and Kindle versions.

You can also save $2.00 by purchasing directly from Create Space and using the following coupon code: 93NAU9BB

Here is the press release:

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO—Author and astrologer Mike Grabarek’s new book, Fast Track Astrologer: The Book I Wish I Had When I Became an Astrologer, offers a concise, detailed and fascinating exploration of astrology for people at all levels in their knowledge of Western astrology.

Fast Track Astrologer will accelerate the path to learning astrology, whether you’re a novice or professional astrologer. Grabarek leads you through in-depth explanations of astrology’s fundamentals and major components as well as the steps of delineating birth, transit, relocation and compatibility charts, the basics of Mundane (World) astrology and celestial geometry, an exploration of the House systems and more.

Grabarek combines expertise with grace, humor and clarity, entertaining and educating readers as he delves deeply into this ancient discipline. You will learn about Zodiac Signs, Planets, Personal Points, Houses, Aspects and Transits. He also examines the effects of Two Planet Combinations in a birth chart and the notion of fate versus free will and growth and maturity in astrology. He is adept at finding the simplicity in the complexity of astrology and effectively communicating it.

“Learning to interpret and communicate the information provided by astrology charts takes a while,” Grabarek writes in his introduction to Fast Track Astrologer. “It requires an ability to synthesize information and communicate it meaningfully. This book provides numerous examples to accelerate your learning in this area.”

Fast Track Astrologer has already earned praise from acclaimed astrologers, including Bogdan Krusinski, who developed the Krusinski House system in the 1990s, which astrologers are rapidly adopting because of its accuracy and geometric simplicity.

Fast Track Astrologer is a well-written and excellent introduction,” Krusinski says. “It’s clear language makes it read like a good novel.”

Santa Fe astrologer Tom Brady also lauds the book as a “first-class astrological primer,” adding “I only wish that I’d had a book like this available to me 44 years ago when I was beginning my astrological studies.”

Grabarek is planning several upcoming booksigning and lecture events.  Check for details. His available for interviews and lectures on astrology. For more information, or to set up an interview or event, contact the author at (505) 424.1990 or

Please click to purchase at Amazon. You can also save $2.00 by purchasing directly through Create Space and using the following coupon code: 93NAU9BB

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