Celestial Geometry

Below is an excerpt from chapter 27 on celestial geometry in my new book: Fast Track Astrologer: The Book I Wish I Had When I Became an Astrologer.

“When you enter birth information into an astrology software program, a Natal chart magically appears. The Natal chart is a two-dimensional (2-D) picture of a particular configuration in the three-dimensional (3-D) cosmos. It’s useful to understand the 3-D cosmological picture and to draw connections with the 2-D Natal chart. I know many of you cringe at the thought of geometry, so we will proceed slowly, step by step.”

In this chapter, I construct a 3-D picture in the cosmos and then portray and discuss the equivalent 2-D natal chart. Geometrically, I show how the astrology houses are determined using the Krusiński method, which is rapidly being adopted for its accuracy and simplicity.

Bogdan Krusiński, a resident of Poland and mechanical engineer / astrologer invented this system in the mid-1990’s. In my conversations with Bogdan, we both felt it was a good idea to put this chapter on Bogdan’s astrology web as the use of 3-D pictures more clearly conveys the Krusiński house system than just using words.

Bogdan and I would both like the astrological community and those new to astrology to understand that this is the only house system that does not distort the sky from the perspective of the birth location – and is geometrically simple and pure as is the rest of the calculations for a natal chart.

You can view chapter 27 in my new book at Bodgan Krusiński’s Astrologia web site.


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